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Welcome to South Australia!

With Exploring South Australia, I am here to here to help you! Planning a trip can be a challenge and this resource will help to make the process run smoothly.

The website will provide practical information about South Australia as well as inspirational posts to get you itching to visit.

If your dream South Australian trip is a city stay, a wine tasting tour, an outback odyssey or just enjoying nature, I will cover it all.

Whether you are a South Australian looking to explore further, or you are visiting from interstate or overseas for the first time, the information here will help you plan the perfect trip.


I’m Josie (she/her), South Australian born and bred. I have lived here all my life except for a few months as a teenager when my parents took the family off to Queensland. The move was only temporary, and it wasn’t long before we were back in South Australia. I grew up in the country, but I have lived in Adelaide for my entire adult life.

I’m an avid traveller, and have visited more than 50 countries around the world (You can read about those travels here). At the end of each trip, I come back to South Australia and marvel at how good we have it here. We have world class attractions, and we just need to get out and explore them more.

My love of travel has me regularly out and about in South Australia in between my international trips, being a tourist in my own town and looking for hidden gems in far flung corners.

I’m always up for a little luxury, but I’m not afraid to rough it in my tent either. I’m an active traveller who loves the outdoors and I am usually game to try most things, especially if it’s something I haven’t done or seen before. I usually travel with my husband, but sometimes my (adult) kids or other people will be my travelling companions instead.

I love nothing more than sharing everything I have discovered as I have travelled. My passion for South Australia and the really cool things we have here can sometimes be a little over the top, but I hope that inspires you to come and check it out for yourself.

Before I turned travel into my job, I worked as an accountant to pay the bills. I’m a cancer survivor, a book nerd and my favourite night out is to my local pub for trivia night. I’m a plant-based eater and my perfect day always starts with a long walk on the beach near my home.

Come and join me and the growing community in the Exploring South Australia Facebook group. You can ask any questions you may have, connect with other travellers and be inspired for your trip.

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