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Reasons to Visit Adelaide in Mad March

Adelaide, Australia, is a great city to visit all year round. South Australia is often known as the Festival State, because there always seems to be some festival or other going on. But there is one part of the year that Adelaide truely comes alive – and that is...

Adelaide, Attractions

Fishermen’s Wharf Markets Port Adelaide

Fishermen's Wharf Markets are located right on the wharves in this historic suburb of Adelaide. The bustling market is the perfect place for a weekend visit and could be the home of your next treasure. Have Questions? – Come and join the Facebook Group and ask any...

Adelaide, Attractions

Best Adelaide Museums

No visit to South Australia is complete without stopping in to one of the many museums. Some of them are free to visit and all are worth an hour or two. I have been madly running around the city to come up with a list of what I think are the best Adelaide Museums....

Adelaide riverfront and Festival Centre
Adelaide, Itineraries

Adelaide 3 Day Itinerary

Most people who come to South Australia will start their trip in the capital, Adelaide. While not as well known as the eastern cities, Adelaide is a bustling town with plenty of things to do and see. It's perfect for a long weekend or as the first leg in a much...

Accommodation, Adelaide

Crowne Plaza Adelaide Review

Recently I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Adelaide - one of Adelaide’s new hotels. Officially opened the week before in early November 2020, it was still very new when I visited. Here’s what I have thought of my stay. Have Questions? - Come and join the Facebook Group...

Adelaide Hills

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Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley Ballooning hot air balloon over the Murray River
Attractions, Barossa Valley

Barossa Hot Air Ballooning

Do you have hot air ballooning on your bucket list? Do you dream of floating soundlessly at dawn over vineyards and rolling hills? Then Barossa hot air ballooning is definitely for you! Have Questions? - Come and join the Facebook Group and ask any questions you...

Clare Valley

Clare Valley

Things to do in Burra

As I am busy exploring South Australia I am coming to towns I have not visited before. Burra is one of those places, and I almost can't believe this is my first visit. Burra is a popular town for weekend getaways from Adelaide, particularly camping weekends with...

Eyre Peninsula

Accommodation, Eyre Peninsula

Best Place to Stay in Port Lincoln

Ready to plan your trip to Port Lincoln in South Australia? Looking for the best place to stay in Port Lincoln during your visit? You have come to the right place. Here are a list of the top selections for Post Lincoln accommodation.   Have Questions? – Come...

Eyre Peninsula

Things to do in Whyalla

When growing up Whyalla was a city I visited with my family from time to time, usually for medical appointments or other "offical business" type stuff. I had never thought about it as a place to visit as a tourist. Recently though I did just that, I spent some time...

Attractions, Eyre Peninsula

Tumby Bay Street Art

Unless you are from South Australia, it's likely that you have never heard of Tumby Bay. It's a small town on the Eyre Peninsula that is trying to put itself on the map - and the way they have chosen to do that is with the Tumby Bay street art.   Have...

Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula

Things to do on Granite Island

When in Victor Harbor, it's almost compulsory to venture over the causeway to Granite Island. Once over there though what is there to do? Here I tell you all the things to do on Granite Island. Have Questions? – Come and join the Facebook Group and ask any...

The D'Arenberg Cube cellar door
Attractions, Fleurieu Peninsula

Visiting the d’Arenberg Cube

In December 2017 a completely new style of cellar door opened at the d'Arenberg Winery in McLaren Vale. This was no converted old stone building or a new building made to blend in with the vines and landscape. This was the d'Arenberg Cube, built to stand out and...

Flinders Ranges & Outback

Kangaroo Island

Attractions, Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island is all about wildlife for me. Even time I have visited I have seen so much wildlife all over the island, for koalas in the trees near where I stayed, and echidna visiting while I ate lunch, or a goanna digging a hole by a beach path. Not everyone is...

Kangaroo Island

How to Get to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide

You've read all of the reviews, admired the instagram photos and have now decided that you would like to go to Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The big question is how to get to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide? Here are all of the options Have Questions? - Come and...

Food & Drink, Kangaroo Island

Best Kangaroo Island Wineries

South Australia is well known for it's wines. Adelaide is one of the ten Great Wine Capitals of the World. Throughout the state there are 18 different wine regions. Kangaroo Island is just one of them. Wine lovers should visit at least one during your stay, but...

Attractions, Kangaroo Island

Visiting Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island

Seal Bay is one of the top Kangaroo Island attractions. It is one of the things that makes almost every Kangaroo Island itinerary, whether it’s local visitors, people from interstate, or even those from overseas. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting...

Limestone Coast

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Murray River, Lakes & Coorong

Attractions, Murray River, Lakes & Coorong

Kayaking the Coorong

There are still a few areas of South Australia that I have not spent a lot of time in, and the Coorong is one of them. So when some friends asked if I would like to join them kayaking the Coorong for a day, I jumped at the opportunity. Have Questions? – Come and...


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Yorke Peninsula