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Booking your South Australia trip

Sometimes it can be hard to know which booking sites are reliable and which ones are not. Of course all of them can have a bad day sometimes, but the below sites are ones I have used and found to work well for me. You will find them reliable and cost effective for your travels too.

Please support me and this website and book your accommodation, car rental, tours and activities by simply clicking through the links below before you book. This will not cost you any more than booking directly – in some cases it will even cost you less – and you will still be supporting a local SA business. Win-win for us both!

This page will also include all the discounts I can offer to my readers. Often these are short term discounts, so it’s a good idea to check back regularly.

Note – these links can be used for booking anywhere in the world, not just in South Australia.


I’m always watching the budget, so I tend to check more than one website before booking my accommodation. The common consensus that booking direct will give you the best price is not always true.

Only this week I looked at booking accommodation with a popular chain, using their membership to give me a small discount. Then I checked on booking.com – and discovered it was 10% cheaper on there. Guess where I booked?

Sometimes it’s not all about the dollars though, and you prefer to book direct so that more money ends up in the hands of the local people, and that’s okay, I do that sometimes too. Remember too that by using these links you are supporting Exploring South Australia – yes, another small local business!

Booking.com – tends to be my go-to booking platform. They not only have hotels, but hostels, holiday parks, apartments, even holiday houses. They often give up to 10% Genius discount, offer “pay at the property later” and have free cancellation right up to the day before staying.

Agoda – this is a great second website to compare prices. I do tend to find that it is more competitive in Asia, but every now and then I find a great bargain locally too. Generally has a wide range of hotels and apartment-style accommodation. I also sometimes find properties on Agoda that are not listed elsewhere.

VRBO/Stayz – Stayz has always been the Australian go-to for holiday home accommodation. It has recently merged into the VRBO brand, but still has the same great options. I use Stayz when I am looking for self-contained accommodation, something unique, or I’m going to a place with limited options.

HostelWorld – being completely honest, I haven’t stayed in any hostels in South Australia, but I do stay in them in other states and all over the world. They are a great budget option, and not just for backpacking 20-somethings. Hostels are a great family option, with private rooms, lots of living space and a kitchen. This could be just the thing if you are watching your dollars.

Activities & Tours

As with accommodation, booking tours and activities through trusted third parties can often mean you can find a slightly better price. There can also be better cancellation policies, and it’s a great way to find a large range of options and ideas all in the same place. Here are my go-to companies when booking activities or tours.

Viator – I have used Viator all over the world. Then tend to have the largest range of activities and tours here in South Australia and are always a good solid choice.

Get Your Guide – This is another favourite of mine when travelling. I find there is a similar range as Viator, but sometimes Get Your Guide is cheaper.

Klook – this is my favourite site for Asia, but over the last couple of years they have expanded a lot in the Australian market. Still a slightly smaller range than the other two above, but I find they have travel extras like SIM cards that make them unique.

Klook have just started to offer accommodation on their site too, so as their inventory increases, this might be another place to check for a bargain. Klook offer great discounts from time to time, so it’s worth signing up for their newsletter.

Adrenaline – this Australian-based website offers all sorts of activities to really get your blood pumping. Think skydiving and jet boats, driving experiences and helicopter rides! They also offer a range of adventure rooms, flight simulators and ghost tours.
Use these codes for discounts:
SP350S10 Spend $350 Get 10% Off
SP300S5 Spend $300 Get 5% Off

Travello – these are the new kids on the block, an Australian company, and while I haven’t yet booked with them, I have had some interesting discussions with them.

They are still building their South Australian inventory, but I am hoping some of my suggestions become available soon. One thing I like here are the last minute deals, giving some great prices for tours the next day. 
Use code TRAV5 for an extra 5% off.

Mystery Picnics – I have partnered with AmazingCo to offer Mystery Picnics (and other fun activities) in many locations around the world. You could book one for yourself here in South Australia, or send one as a gift to someone further afield.

Car Hire

Most visitors to South Australia will find it much easier to get around with a hire car. Here are some websites to help you book.

Rentalcars.com – this is my go-to comparison website. With one search, many of the most popular car rental companies are compared, so you can see at a glance to best options available with them all. Refundable bookings can be made, and I have found that the be very useful.

Jucy – this is one company not included in the searches above that offer great car hire options in South Australia. Not only their popular vans, but the also offer regular cars at great prices too.


If we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years, it’s how important travel insurance is, even if travelling domestically. If you are paying out a significant amount of money up front, no matter where the destination, you should also get insurance.

Cover-More – I have used Cover-More for years now. While they are not the cheapest on the market, when I closely read the PDS (which I recommend you do with all insurance companies) what was offered suited my way of travel the best.

I now have an annual policy with them that covers all my international and domestic trips. Cover-More also have a handy Covid-19 Travel Guide to download to help you navigate some of the confusing changes.

Travel Essentials

Here are the places I stock up on all those travel essentials, from guide books to camping gear.

BCF – These are my go-to for picking up all sorts of bits and pieces for travel, mostly because I have a store not far from me and more than once I’ve had to do a last minute click-and-collect as I discover I need something for an imminent trip. I’ve had some great bargains through BCF too.

Anaconda – They have a huge range  and would more than likely be my go-to store if I had one closer to me. This was where I picked up my first backpack, packing cubes and all my travel essentials before my year of travel.

QBD Books – As an Australian bookseller, QBD tend to have a sider selection of both fiction and non-fiction books related to South Australia. You can pick up anything from the latest Lonely Planet, to “I saw Santa in South Australia”!

Amazon – For all those extra little bits and pieces that don’t seem to be found anywhere else I look on Amazon. With an Amazon Prime membership, almost everything has free delivery and often it turns up the very next day.

Gifts & Fun Stuff

If you are looking for South Australian themed gear, a gift for an international visitor, or just some general travel gifts, these websites might have just the thing.

Maggie Beer – Maggie is a popular local South Australian cook who has her farm shop in the Barossa Valley and has created some fabulous products that make the best gifts. You don’t have to come to SA to pick them up anymore (although you still should!), you can get your fix online on the website.

From sauces and chutneys to ice cream and plenty in between, there is a huge range, with many ready-made hampers available too. 

Etsy – for all sorts of cute little things, like some Malls Balls earrings or a retro SA tea towel, Etsy is the place to search.