Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast is a region that’s all about natural wonders and coastal charm.

It is located on the traditional lands of the Booandik, Cannawigra, Meintangk, Ngarrindjeri, Tatiara and Wirrega people.

Mount Gambier is the biggest city, known for its stunning Blue Lake, which changes colour dramatically each year, and the eerie beauty of the Umpherston Sinkhole.

Then there are the Naracoorte Caves, a World Heritage-listed site where you can explore ancient limestone caves and discover prehistoric fossils.

Further along the coast, you’ll find the picturesque town of Robe, with its historic architecture, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back seaside atmosphere. It’s quickly becoming a foodie destination.

The Limestone Coast is a haven for nature and history lovers, and it’s perfect for those who want to uncover the secrets of this unique Australian region.

Where is the Limestone Coast?

This region is also referred to as simple “The Southeast” – because that’s where it is found.

Top Towns

The top towns to visit on the Limestone Coast are:

  • Mount Gambier
  • Naracoorte
  • Robe
  • Bordertown

Top Attractions

The top things to see on the Limestone Coast are:

  • Blue Lake
  • Umpherstons Sinkhole
  • Long Beach @ Robe

Top Things to Do

The top things to do on the Limestone Coast are:

  • Wine tasting
  • Naracoorte Caves
  • Humpalicious Camel Farm
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