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Grab your thinking caps and get ready to put your knowledge to the test! This is more than just a quiz – it’s a gateway to deepening your connection with this South Australia trivia.

As a trivia buff, there have been many car trips where the Brainwaves out of Adelaide’s Saturday Advertiser have been an entertaining and challenging way to fill some of the time.

There have been some laughs and moments of kicking ourselves when we heard the answers, and more than once a heated debate, declaring that the answer was surely wrong!

On your SA road trip, you could also pick up the newspaper and challenge yourself with the fifty questions they provide – and then you can work your way through these South Australia trivia questions too. Good luck!

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The South Australia trivia below is in random sets of 25, as that seems to be a nice amount of questions to get through in a single sitting. You can of course do multiple sets at a time if you so wish. Share with your friends, save for a road trip, or just challenge your family. Enjoy!

South Australia Trivia Set #1

  1. Where is the Pink Roadhouse?
  2. There is one drive-in movie theatre left in South Australia – where is it?
  3. What is special about Lake MacDonnell?
  4. Who wore the pink shorts on display in the State Library of South Australia?
  5. Which Australian Prime Minister was born in Bordertown?
  6. South Australia has one UNESCO World Heritage Site – where is it?
  7. Name the four pigs that live in Rundle Mall
  8. Which company make SA’s famous Frogcakes?
  9. South Australia is home to the first Big Thing in Australia. Which “Big Thing” is it?
  10. Which location, near Coober Pedy, has been featured in many movies for its otherworldly appearance?
  11. Who are the traditional owners of the land where Adelaide now sits?
  12. What is the highest “mountain” in South Australia?
  13. Where will you be if you are at Tunarama?
  14. During WWI, like many German towns, Hahndorf changed its name. What did it change it to?
  15. What is the name of the multi-day walking trail that starts at Cape Jervis and ends in the Flinders Ranges?
  16. What year did the Adelaide Crows join the AFL?
  17. Which historic pub is well known as an iconic rock music venue, hosting bands like Cold Chisel and The Angels?
  18. Which animals does the Adelaide Zoo have on loan, hoping to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, but it hasn’t happened?
  19. Anna Creek Station is famous for what?
  20. What will I find on Montefiore Hill?
  21. What is mined at Olympic Dam?
  22. Name the event that shuts down a major arterial road in Adelaide for a day each September
  23. Where will you find “Cement Hill”?
  24. What was the name of the store that started the annual Christmas Pageant?
  25. If I told you I was going to “do Lofty”, what am I going to do?

South Australia Trivia Set #2

  1. What is the official name of the Mall’s Balls?
  2. What Big Thing will you find at Kimba?
  3. Which winery in SA has the oldest Shiraz vines in the world?
  4. Who is immortalised on the balcony of the Adelaide Town Hall after drawing a huge crowd?
  5. What is the floral emblem of South Australia?
  6. South Australia is one of the few places in the world where Coke is not the number one selling drink. What is the top drink here?
  7. Where in South Australia would you find Remarkable Rocks?
  8. Which South Australian town is known as the “Opal Capital of the World”?
  9. What is the d’Arenberg Cube?
  10. What is special about the Barossa Reservoir dam wall?
  11. What is the name of the Adelaide park that runs for 30km from the foothills to the sea?
  12. South Australia has a unique guided bus system seen in only two other places in the world. What is it called?
  13. What colours do Port Power wear in the AFL?
  14. Where in summer will you find Adelaide’s first beach bar?
  15. What major event did South Australia famously lose to Victoria in 1996?
  16. What is the name of the pelican in the book/film Storm Boy?
  17. Which unique South Australian food can often be found served in sandwiches with tomato sauce?
  18. Who or what was the Birdman of the Coorong?
  19. Which cook and author now has a farm shop and restaurant in the Barossa Valley?
  20. Which South Australian features on the Australian $50 note?
  21. The Redbacks play which sport?
  22. Where will you find 23rd Street Distillery?
  23. Name the boat that does short cruises along the River Torrens from Elder Park.
  24. Which South Australian wine region is known for its unique red soil?
  25. Where in South Australia will you find the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Gardens?


No cheating now, make sure you’ve answered the questions first 🙂 I’ve tried my best to ensure that these are correct, but I am always willing to learn new information and be proved wrong if they are not. Feel free to send me an email if you would like to discuss an answer >> [email protected]

Set #1

  1. Oodnadatta
  2. Coober Pedy
  3. It has a causeway running through the middle, and one side of the causeway turns into a pink lake while the other side stays blue
  4. Don Dunstan, then Premier of South Australia
  5. Bob Hawke
  6. Naracoorte Caves are part of the Australian Fossil Mammal Sites
  7. Horatio, Oliver, Truffles and Augusta
  8. Balfours
  9. The Big Scotsman, found in Medindie, was built in 1963, a year before the Big Banana in NSW which is often listed as the oldest
  10. Moon Plain
  11. The Kaurna people
  12. Mount Woodroffe, in the Musgrave Ranges
  13. Port Lincoln
  14. Ambleside
  15. Heysen Trail
  16. 1991
  17. The Largs Pier Hotel
  18. Two pandas, Wang Wang and Funi
  19. It’s the largest cattle station in the world at over 23000 square kilometres
  20. A statue of Colonel William Light pointing at the city centre
  21. While Olympic Dam is best known as a Uranium mine, more than 70% of revenue actually comes from copper. There are also small amounts of gold and silver mined there too
  22. The City to Bay fun run
  23. Adjacent to Brighton Road at Seacliff Park
  24. John Martins
  25. The very popular (and challenging) hike from Waterfall Gully up to the summit of Mount Lofty

Set #2

  1. The Spheres
  2. The Big Galah
  3. Langmeils Winery
  4. The Beatles
  5. Sturt’s Desert Pea
  6. Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee
  7. Kangaroo Island
  8. Coober Pedy
  9. A distinctive cellar door in the McLaren Vale region. Also houses a small museum and a restaurant.
  10. Better known as the Whispering Wall, it has unique acoustic qualities that carry sound from one side to the other.
  11. Linear Park
  12. O-Bahn
  13. Black, white and teal (with a little silver too!)
  14. The Moseley Beach Bar is at Glenelg
  15. The Formula One Grand Prix
  16. Mr Percival
  17. Bung fritz
  18. A bushranger, called John Francis Peggotty, who rode an Ostrich!
  19. Maggie Beer
  20. David Unaipon, inventor of the shears used for shearing sheep (amongst other things)
  21. Cricket
  22. Renmark
  23. Popeye
  24. Coonawarra
  25. Port Augusta

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