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It’s almost that time of year again (seriously, how quickly has this year gone?) where we start scratching our heads and trying to find something to buy for Christmas for that person in our lies who has everything! I certainly have one of two in my family that inevitably end up with socks or chocolate that I grab on Christmas Eve because I can’t think of anything else. If you are looking for something unique or quirky or just something fun, I’ve got you covered with these SA themed Christmas gifts.

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Finding the Unique South Australian Gifts

When looking for unique gifts with a South Australian flavour I tried to find a range of local small businesses, but I have also included some products that are from bigger companies because they are just so, well, South Australian! I found Etsy to be a great source of local artists and shops selling unique products, so it’s a great place to start if you are looking for that special gift. In fact, I ended up spending way too much time looking. There are so many one off gifts like a Big Rocking Horse pin or some vintage Mount Gambier salt & pepper shakers that would make wonderful gift. Take a look at Etsy here.

Watercolour Print of Adelaide Buildings

Photo used with permission from DanielleJayneDesign

There are some lovely watercolours of prominent South Australian buildings over on the Etsy store belonging to Danielle Jayne Designs. As well as the Supreme Court you can also find others such as Beehive Corner and the gates of the Botanic Gardens. This is a great gift for those perhaps associated with these buildings (maybe only for those associated in a good way with the Supreme Court 😂) or perhaps those who were married in the Botanic Gardens. Head over to the store and take a look at the full range.

Click here to see this on Etsy


Adelaide Christmas Decoration

Adelaide Christmas Decoration

There are so many people who like to collect Christmas tree decorations from wherever they travel so this would make a great give for family and friends who are visiting South Australia. It doesn’t just have to be a Christmas gift either, but it works for any time of the year.

Click here to see this Christmas decoration on Etsy


Fruchoc Earrings

Photo used with permission from BOOBOOofficial

I know, I couldn’t believe it when I saw these earrings – could we get any more South Australian? Maybe I am biased since I love Fruchocs, but these earrings actually look like those delicious balls of chocolate. These would be great for the chocolate lover instead of that usual box of Favourites you grab at the supermarket.

NOTE: As of November 2021 these are listed as out of stock. I have been in touch with the seller and they will be back in stock soon.

Click here to see these earrings on Etsy


Malls Balls Earrings

Photo used with permission from BOOBOOofficial

Okay, I admit it, I was wrong about the Fruchoc earrings being the most South Australian thing possible – I think they might be pipped at the post by these ones from the same designer showing off the Mall’s Balls. Take a look around her store on Etsy and you will also find Sturt Desert Pea earrings and a whole selection of other cute, locally made products.

Click here to see these earrings on Etsy


Monopoly Adelaide Edition

Monopoly Adelaide Edition

Here’s a twist on the traditional game, an edition just for those of us who have a soft spot for South Australia. Discover which Adelaide icon replaces Mayfair and pulls in the big bucks in this edition.

(As an aside, I can’t believe how many different editions there are of Monopoly! Take a look for yourself while you are over on Amazon. I think we need the “Sore Loser’s” edition in my house!)

Click here to see the Adelaide version of Monopoly on Amazon AU


Heaps Good T-Shirts

There are a range of places to get one of the classic South Australian “Heaps Good” t-shirts from. I recommend taking a look at some of the different versions on RedBubble. I particularly like the Nicola Spurrier version, which is so relevant at the moment. Here are a few of the options, there are plenty more on the site. Click through and take a look.


ADL Baggage Tag Mug

Photo used with permission from YHMDesigns

Here’s another way to share Adelaide with your loved ones – an Adelaide baggage tag mug. This will be particularly appreciated by the plane enthusiast or the frequent flyer in your life. It would be a perfect Kris Kringle for your boss or work colleague that’s always flying somewhere.

If a mug is not your thing but you like the design, there are lots of other options such as pillows, wall art, and throw rugs. You can even request a custom order. And while the store is based in Canada, all the Australian orders are made on demand right here in Australia!

Click here to see this mug on Etsy


The Crow Eaters

A book is always a good idea for someone who is hard to buy for and this one sounds like fun. While travelling around the state, Ben Stubbs answers the question “Is South Australia weird?” I am going to have to get this book for myself, just to find out what conclusion he comes to. I think there is a little bit of weirdness here, and that can only be a good thing!

Click here to see more about this book


Port Elliot Print

Photo used with permission from JordanVickArt


I chose Port Elliot for this, but that’s not the only town print you can find on the JordanVickArt Etsy store. There are also similar prints for other towns such as Robe, Port Noarlunga and Marion Bay. These would be absolutely perfect to decorate the walls in a coastal holiday home, or someone who wants to create that feel in the middle of the city. All the prints are designed and printed right here in South Australia.

Click here to see this print on Etsy



Okay, I know I said chocolates were a fall-back gift, but in the case of Fruchocs, I will make an exception. These are absolutely my favourite chocolates and I particularly love that they are made right here in South Australia, and really only available here too. I know my interstate friends don’t know them so I love to take them with me when I visit or include even a small packet in gifts I send. They were also the one thing my daughter requested we take to her when she was living overseas.

Luckily, they have an online shop, so even if you can’t find Fruchocs in your local supermarket – or like me need the vegan version – then you can get them delivered right to your door, or the door or your recipient!

Click here to see the online store

Maggie’s Harvest

Maggie Beer is a South Australian icon. She is renowned for her cooking and products based around local sustainable products. She has her Farm Gate shop and restaurant in the Barossa Valley that’s a must-visit when in the area. But if you can’t get there as often as you would like, then this amazing – and incredibly popular – book will teach you about the local seasonal product, and exactly what to do with them. Originally published in 2007, a new edition has been released in 2021 with updated material.

Click here to see the new 2021 edition.


South Australian Mystery Picnic

If I get myself organised enough to not go down the chocolates or socks road, my go-to for those difficult to buy for people is always some sort of experience. This one is great fun, and you get to try lots of the great South Australian produce. The basic concept is that you are supplied with clues that need to be solved which will lead to various food vendors. Over a couple of hours all the ingredients for a delicious picnic are collected. The mystery picnics are available in a few SA regions such as the city, Barossa Valley, the Fleurieu Peninsula and more. They can be booked as a date, a family outing or for a group of friends, can deal with special dietary requirements, and it’s easy to give as a gift.

Click here to see all the details and purchase as a gift.


Adelaide Colouring Book

Adelaide Colouring Book

This beautiful colouring book has been created by local artist Sally Heinrich. The pages are created with Adelaide themes in mind – can you see those Frogcakes on the front cover? Colouring is a fabulous way to relieve stress and this is perfect if you are looking for some relaxation. Use your imagination to bring theses detailed pages to life while learning a little about South Australia.

Click here to see this colouring book on Etsy


Places I have seen in Adelaide Postcard

Adelaide Postcard

Pick up one of these lovely hand drawn postcards and tick off all the places you visit in Adelaide. This original artwork is designed and illustrated by Monica of Monica McNab Designs. This postcard will be a lovely souvenir to remind you, your friends or family of the time spent in Adelaide. What a great gift to buy in advance if you have house guests coming to stay. Would also be a great addition to a welcome gift in any holiday home in Adelaide.

Click here to see this postcard on Etsy 


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