5 Tips for Travelling Around Adelaide on a Budget

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Adelaide has so much more to offer than what meets the eye (or initial Google search). As the capital city of South Australia, the opal capital of the world, AND one of the world’s distinguished wine capitals, the city is bustling with exquisite flavours and dishes that will leave you on an endless pursuit of trying all the cuisine and well-pairing wines available.

Not only is it a foodie’s dream, but it also has a riveting history, being the first Australian city to extend rights to women and Indigenous landowners, in addition to banning and criminalizing discrimination on the basis of sex and race.

It also was the only capital city to not be settled by convicts – and still remains a very safe city to this day.  

While the city is relatively small compared to Sydney or Melbourne, it has no shortage of activities or cultural muses to revel in.

But, adventuring and trying all of the things does come with a cost, so we have narrowed down a few tips and tricks that we have learned whilst travelling to and within the city. 

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Travel in March, April, or May! 


If you are on a budget, but still want breezy, sunny weather conditions, consider travelling to Adelaide in March, April, or May!

These months are going to bring lower prices than summer months, whilst still giving you the Australian sunshine and low chances of rainfall. 

If you do plan on travelling in these months, be sure to pack for the chillier nights, as high temperatures can fall to 61°F (or 16°C) and low temperatures can reach 54°F (or 12°C).

So, it’s probably best to pack that throw-on sweater and a pair of jeans! 

Book Domestic Flights with Low-Cost Carriers 


Flights can be expensive, and flights to a lesser-travelled city are even more so. Before booking your flight, check the costs for the following months in the table below.

Do note that because of the advanced booking, some airlines do not yet have their flight rates posted for the month of May – these should become available in the coming weeks on the respective airline websites. 

Melbourne → Adelaide Flight Costs 



Rex Airlines$124$92N/A 
Virgin Australia$110$156N/A 

Brisbane→ Adelaide Flight Costs  



Rex Airlines$321$275N/A 
Jetstar$204 N/AN/A 
Virgin Australia$250$272N/A 

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