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I’ve been to Hahndorf many times over the years on day trips, but as it’s just up the road from Adelaide I had not considered staying overnight. We kept hearing about The Manna by Haus from some friends who love to stay there a couple of times a year to get out of the city, and it was time to do the same.

When we were deciding what to do with our last Great State Voucher, Hahndorf was thrown into the ring. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to visit. This made it an easy choice for our accommodation in Hahndorf, our base for a quick getaway to the Adelaide Hills.

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The town of Hahndorf, or at least the touristy part of it, is just one long street through the middle of town. When I booked The Manna, I could see it was on this main street, but I couldn’t picture it in my mind.

The Haus Group is a prominent business in town, with the popular Haus Restaurant easy to spot as it is one of only a few modern buildings. I had eaten there before, enjoying brunch as we arrived in town on more than one occasion.

But I just didn’t remember The Manna.

On investigation, I discovered that when it comes to accommodation Hahndorf is quite secretive. There are many places to stay on the main street, but they are hidden down driveways to the rear of some of the lovely German-inspired and historical buildings that line the street front.

We had arrived in Hahndorf earlier in the day, had some lunch and strolled casually along the street. It wasn’t time to check in yet so we weren’t really looking for The Manna, but found ourselves outside the office with a moment of “Oh, this is where it is!”

All that can be seen on the main street is this reception building and a sign pointing down a driveway nearby.

It may sound unusual that The Manna is partially hidden, and perhaps it is, but it means the rooms are away from the noise and hustle of the street – which can get very busy.

It also meant we were still right in the middle of town and an easy walk to everywhere we wanted to see.

We did pop into the reception as we passed and enquired if our room was ready. We were a couple of hours early so we weren’t expecting it, but thought we would ask anyway.

We have stayed at some places where we’ve asked for early check-in and felt dismissed – like our request was not even considered and to come back at the right time thank you very much! The Manna was not like that.

The staff checked up on our room and discovered it was one that had been stayed in the previous night but had not yet been cleaned.

So even though we couldn’t check in, I would suggest it would be possible for others if the room is ready,

The check-in staff did suggest we could park in the car park at the back immediately though, which was great as parking on the street is timed and we needed to move our car.

On check out, we were also encouraged to leave our car until we were ready to leave Hahndorf. This was a small, but welcome, benefit.

While we were there, we browsed the wall of local attractions and talked a little about the walking tours available in the town and hire of the E-Bikes out the front.

The package we booked was one aimed particularly at those who were using the Great State Voucher and included a bottle of Haus wine and a voucher for cheese from Udder Delights.

I had completely forgotten we were to receive these, so it was a nice surprise to have them handed to us as we checked in. We were also given some crackers to go with the cheese, which was a little added extra not listed in the package.

We had booked an Executive Double Room, and the first thing we noticed as soon as we stepped inside the door was how big it was. There was plenty of room to move here. Besides the bed, there’s a lounge and a small table with chairs. There’s a fridge, coffee-making facilities and a microwave.

The fridge included milk for coffee, and also some soft drinks and chocolates that could be bought from the minibar menu. I was actually surprised to see this as since Covid-19 has impacted our lives all the places I have stayed with a minibar have had it empty.

The prices were very reasonable too, and if I hadn’t picked up enough snacks to last me weeks from the Hahndorf specialty stores, these would have been a viable option.

The room includes a flat-screen TV that has access to Foxtel channels. There’s plenty of storage in the cupboards, and there is an iron and ironing board for guest use.

The bathroom was a good size too. It was spotlessly clean, even if the decor was a little on the bland side. The shower alcove was huge, and I found the water to be wonderfully hot with decent water pressure. Toiletries and a hairdryer were supplied, and there were plenty of towels available.

My only complaint – and this is one that bugs me at lots of properties – is that with the light switch outside the bathroom and its position relative to the bed.

Anyone who goes to the toilet during the night wakes up the other person as they turn on the light before closing the door. I am a light sleeper though, so this may not bother other people.

While the Manna itself does not have a lot of further facilities, it does have a lovely outdoor area perfect for relaxing on a warm afternoon. It also has a guest laundry on site if required.

That doesn’t mean there are no other facilities available though. The Manna is part of The Haus Group, which owns two other properties just metres away. The Lodge is located about 100m down the street behind the Hahndorf Inn.

This offers a more budget range of accommodation, but it also has a pool and BBQ that is available for guests at all of the properties.

Across the road is The Studios. These are self-contained apartments, either one or two bedrooms, so are great for family accommodation. They are again tucked in behind the buildings that line the street, in a beautiful leafy area and have the loveliest little access path.

Right next door to The Studios is The Haus Restaurant. This is the place to go for food and beverages while staying at any of The Haus properties – that is if you are not tempted by the many other incredible food offerings only metres up the street.

We had breakfast at Haus Restaurant, and we were overall pleased with the food and service. The bacon and poached eggs my husband had were so good he had already started eating before I could grab a quick photo.

As a plant-based eater, my choices were limited, but there were two options for me. I chose to go with neither of them and instead asked for my favourite, Vegemite on toast. There was no plant-based spread to replace the butter, but that was okay, I am quite used to going without it.

The coffee my husband ordered was good, and I was able to get a chai latte made with almond milk to suit my dietary needs. Overall, I would happily recommend The Haus Restaurant to anyone.

I don’t think I am alone on that, as I have always seen it with a reasonable amount of diners at all times of the day.

Edit: I have since been back to eat at The Haus Restaurant, and there are now many more plant-based options available.

Is The Manna by Haus your Hahndorf accommodation?


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